Juicy, mouthwatering and packed with flavor, are just a few reasons why pollo a la brasa is consumed by Peruvians on average at least three times per month. However, this cherished dish is no longer just a staple in Peru. Pollo a la brasa restaurants have taken the U.S. by storm and are quickly becoming a favorite among Americans too. But what is pollo a la brasa exactly? Translated, pollo a la brasa is grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, or chicken over coals. Traditionally, this flavorful meal is prepared by marinating a whole chicken in sauces and spices like vinegar, dark beer or soy sauce, salt, pepper, chili, rosemary or cumin and paprika then slow roasting it on a rotisserie. Letting the marinade seep into meat and then cook and sear as it rotates on a metal spit above hot coals creates a one-of-a-kind flavor experience people seek out.

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