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From Peru to You.

Sardi’s founders Phil E. Sardelis and Phil G. Sardelis had a passion for Peru, for food, and for their families. Together, they combined their passions to create Sardi’s. Their goal was to create a restaurant that was a place to bring families, to enjoy fresh food, and bring a piece of authentic Peru to the table. and fun together. Now, millions of customers are served every year with flavorful, quality, authentic Peruvian cuisine throughout Sardi’s 15 locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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Our Core Values

The core values of Sardi’s guides every aspect of our business, including decision-making, internal and external communication and hiring the right employees. Sardi’s core values are a shared vision and ethos of our team and community, driving how we function as a whole.

  • Service: We provide impeccable service to our guests and employees. 
  • Quality: We combine the highest quality, greatest tastes, and fairest value. If something doesn’t meet our guest’s satisfaction, we will make it right. 
  • Purpose: We create fulfilling, meaningful and engaging employment with a culture of respect for all of our employees.
  • Consistency: Our product, employees, and guests, all receive the same quality of service, regardless of which restaurant location, concept or catering function.
  • Community: We give back to the residents and guests we serve in meaningful ways. We engage our communities with pride and invite you to become part of ours.

Just like our food, we are authentic in our values. We are dedicated to having our core values shine through every meal served, every function catered, and every effort to give back to the community.

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We know that to serve delicious, quality food, we have to have passionate people preparing and serving it. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or new to the restaurant-world, Sardi’s has the team to help you grow at whatever career stage you are in.

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